To make India the talent capital of the world.

Since 2015, we have been closely working with Software companies, understanding their tech hiring requirement and training software engineers on the mapped skill. During the course, we have built training capacity in the form of Content, Training Platform and Trainers. We trained and placed over 1000 SuperCoders—the title we give to our world-class software engineers. Our trained SuperCoders are in great demand. Software Companies strategise their long-term hiring needs with us to save millions in training costs and productivity losses associated with less skilled talent.

A report by Statista Research Department published on Nov 15, 2023, shared that more than 54% of the global organizations surveyed have consistently faced a skills shortage in the tech sector over the past six years, hindering their progress. Hence, there is a large scope of work in this sector.

Despite this scope, we were not able to utilise our training capacity to our potential. Last few years, we observed that graduates’ quality is going to worsen, especially in Tier II & III cities. We travel to other states down south to enrol students with basic aptitude. A report by Times of India, in 2023 shared that approximately 600 million Indians fell within the 18-35 age group, with nearly 90% of the youth residing in Tier II and Tier III cities. As per our experience the students in these cities can be classified into three categories:

  • Proactive Students

    Proactive Students are self-starters and torchbearers of their destiny. They're self-aware and know their skill need and have the means to fulfil their ambitions. These students are generally in top-tier colleges, they get the network and environment required for their career growth.

  • Privileged students

    Privileged students have aspiration and resources to turn their ambitions into reality. They come from financial stable background and better career awared. With family support they land up in boutique colleges and private universities to become job-ready as per their potential.

  • Under-Served Students

    Under-served students with untapped potential. They often get overshadowed by their geography, limited financial resources, or the lack of proper guidance. Some of these are the gifted minds who can shine with the right opportunities. Our mission is to serve them.

Approximately 9 million students from the under-served talent pool in these cities lack generally due to:

  • Very low self-awareness and lack of a conducive environment.
  • Poor knowledge of the industry-required skills and their scope from an employability perspective.
  • No access to quality education, professional trainers and training facilities.
  • Lack of network, support system and financial resources for extra classes.

To tap this under-served talent, some companies have started their own talent development programs and have had great success.

We believe every youth is gifted with a talent in one or other form. Nurturing this talent is the need. In the field of technology, the software companies, especially startups can not invest the time and the resources to nurture the talent and provide extensive training. They often need candidates who are handson and have practical experience. Understanding the need for a reliable software engineering training program that meets the industry's skill requirements and taps into the potential under-served youth, we decided to solve this

…and CodeQuotient School of Technology was established.

At CodeQuotient School of Technology, we redefine the traditional education model and providing world-class software engineering education to the under-served students - who can’t afford formal engineering degrees, to build successful long-term careers. We agree that having a degree is important for long-term career growth, along with gaining skills. Many companies don't prioritize degrees in their talent development programs. Some may offer online degree programs just to meet the criteria, but these might not fulfill the candidate's needs. CodeQuotient School of Technology offers an immersive experiential program designed to equip the selected candidates with industry-ready skills along with a full-time, on-campus Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Degree.

The graduates have to join a tech finishing schools to get skilled as per industry requirement. Whereas CQST offers software engineering certification with BCA, a program that focuses on honing their fundamentals and hands-on involvement in modern full-stack software engineering via open-source projects. The students here gain practical experience that prepares them for a successful career launch in software engineering. Not only this, students are provided with the opportunity to work as interns alongside the companies based on their technical skills, which helps them get an exposure to live projects and real-time work experience during the degree itself.

CodeQuotient is partner with more than 150 companies to facilitate the recruitment of top-tier tech talent for their software engineering roles by connecting them with deserving candidates from these tier 2/3 cities. Through this process, we expedite their deployment while ensuring the acquisition of highly skilled professionals.